After 8 weeks of treatment, patients with BP reported diminished pain and improved mood. We searched Medline, Central, Embase, 2 Chinese databases, relevant journals, and trial registries for the randomized-controlled trials of acupuncture that involved needling for acute/sub acute BP. Acupuncture works by restoring proper blood circulation.   As evidence of the effectiveness of acupuncture for low back pain BP is inconsistent, we aimed to critically appraise the evidence from relevant systematic reviews. The exact placement of needles, frequency, and duration of treatment is individually tailored to each patient’s symptoms and diagnosis. I decided to give acupuncture a shot, as I was discouraged and running out of options, and I am now a believer. Asks Dr. Scientific studies have indicated that sham acupuncture works just as well as real acupuncture for back pain. She completed her Master of Science in Physical Therapy at Chapman University in 1993.  After 8 weeks, 60% of patients receiving any type of acupuncture showed improvement in their level of pain and function, compared with 39% for those receiving normal care. When looking at those studies, the reviewers found the differences in pain ratings showed a significant difference between the real acupuncture and the sham acupuncture groups, indicating that the benefit was not just due to the placebo effect. The resulting biochemical changes activate the body's self-regulating homoeostatic systems, stimulating its natural healing abilities and promoting physical and emotional well-being.

Lipman. chinese herbs So, although acupuncture can greatly help clear the above 'syndromes' that produce back pain, and in this case, 'damp', there may be changes you should make in what you eat, for instance. Following are options that provide excellent pain relief without any of the health hazards that pain medications often carry.

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